Frequently asked questions

About website

I found a bug in the website
Please contact us to report it.
Why ads on this site ?
This site doesn't (and will never) show intrusive ads. Please don't use an ad-blocker to support site developpement.
There's a missing feature here
Please contact us for this.
Does this website getting update for new characters ?
Yes. As soon as a new DLC character is playable on console version, we will add it.
Is this site available in other language ?
Sorry but this site is english only for world wide understanding. If you need some help to understand, please contact us.
Eleven is missing on this website
Eleven is a mimic character and does not have his own moves
I want to bring some help.
If you have site developpement knowledge, please contact us.

About combos

Do I have to register to post a combo ?
No you can quickly add a combo but you can manage your combos if you get register.
I need some help to add my own combo, Where can I found it ?
Read Help section to know about combo legend. If you need specific help for your characters, please go to a Tekken forum. If you still don't find your answer, please contact us.
Can I edit or delete my combos ?
Yes if you are logged in.
How many combo can I add ?
You can add many combos as you want but please check your combos before posting.
I just want to add a combo but it doesn't seem to work
Your combo might exist. Check also if your combo has between 4 and 100 icons. Keep sure you have insert a nickname.
I found a fake combo, Can i report it ?
Yes! Click on report button and stick it as Fake. We will check further.
I deleted my combo unintentionally...
We can restore it. Please contact us for this.
Can i share my combo on other website ?
Not yet but we still working on this feature. You can also copy/paste Text version of your combo to share it. The text verion use common conventions in Street Fighter jargon.

About account

Why should I register ?
Registration take 1 min. Create an account to edit manage your combos.
I've posted some combos without log in. How to link these combos to my account?
It's ok to link them to your account if there's not too much. Please contact us for this.
I've forgot my password
Use "forget password" on loggon page. You will receive a new password.
Why do I need to chose favourite character ?
You don't have to. It adds a shortcut to quickly add combo.
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