Tier List Rank

S Rank Characters


A demon of combat that has welcomed the Satsui no Hado into his being in his quest to become the ultimate master of the fist.

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A long-time Street Fighter favourite, Guile is a tough-cookie to master, but his Super Arts are utterly deadly and difficult to predict, and he has the capability to successfully pin his opponents in the corner, making him a headache to overcome.

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A newcomer and one of our favourites purely from a design perspective, Kimberly is a great option for newcomers because she's relatively easy to understand and an absolute beast in battle. Her easy to execute moves and rapid mobility make her a lot of fun to use, and difficult for opponents to deal with.

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Manon's unorthodox, ballet-inspired combat style brings something very different to Street Fighter 6, but her grab moves in particular are unbelievably effect. Build up her Medal System by executing back-to-back throws and you can unleash some seriously devastating damage on your rivals, especially if you find a rhythm and start Overdriving those takedowns.

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Marisa is another relatively easy to master newcomer who hits hard and has pretty unprecedented range. Her hard-hitting charge punches and wide-reaching kicks make her a real handful to deal with, and if you can catch an unsuspecting opponent off-guard, she has the power to utterly obliterate her rivals in a flash.

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Zangief is a monster in Street Fighter 6, owing to his enormous amount of health and utterly devastating selection of grapple moves. While he does rely on close-quarters combat, he can be ridiculously difficult to deal with unless you're up against well-trained opponent. This does, however, mean that he's difficult to learn.

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A Rank Characters


A poison-wielding apprentice of F.A.N.G, the former Shadaloo officer.
Enchanted by the power of toxins, nothing brings her more joy than testing them on a new target—other than attention from her “master,” that is.

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A faithful favourite for experienced and newcomers alike, Cammy's athletic playstyle is once again comfortably on display in Street Fighter 6. The acrobatic Brit is able to cover a lot of space, and unprepared players will struggle to deal with her overall mobility.

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A Street Fighter stalwart, the only real thing that lets Chun-Li down is her high learning curve. With a powerful spectrum of moves, and an impressive amount of range, Chun-Li can be deadly — but only in the right hands.

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A Psycho Power-wielding youth aged up rapidly by Shadaloo's experimentation, on a journey and a mission to free other subjects. He gets his short temper and foul mouth from Balrog, his former mentor.

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Newcomer JP looks like he should be giving skin fades to footballers in a high-end barber shop, but he's actually a very capable combatant, able to deal with opponents both at distance and in close-range.

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Another capable combatant with an emphasis on her thunder thighs, Juri's outrageous kick power and overall combo potential makes her a great pick, especially when you consider the obscene amount of damage she's able to unleash.

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Ken is, as always, a pretty accessible and obvious inclusion in Street Fighter 6's roster. Despite having a similar playstyle, he's significantly less stiff than Ryu, and his overall agility and power can segue into devastating combos which will comfortably pin most opponents into the corners

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Rashid is a character with a unique focus on strong mobility options and unique "air current" projectiles. These air currents modify Rashid's movement when he passes through them while jumping or performing a special, affecting the way he chooses to approach his opponent.

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B Rank Characters


Dhalsim's elasticated appendages give him the kind of range other characters could only dream of, and his ability to teleport around the stage makes him a tricky customer to deal with. But he doesn't have quite the damage output to put him on par with other characters, and thus demands a more technical approach.

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E. Honda

Sumo wrestler Edmond Honda is a human headbutt machine in Street Fighter 6, and despite his size, he's a surprisingly mobile combatant capable of getting around the screen quickly.

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Jamie's drunk and disorderly fighting style certainly brings a unique gimmick to his moveset, but he relies heavily on glugging from his bottle, and that makes him a needlessly complicated character to master. If you can get down enough alcohol then you'll be able to deal some real damage, but if your opponent is able to successful stop you from drinking, then you're ultimately going to come unstuck.

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Luke's not massively dissimilar to Ken and Ryu in terms of playstyle, but his long-distant punches give him a bit more personality and power than the two series icons. He's able to successfully pin opponents and is a good option for beginners, but we're not convinced he's cut out to be the cover star.

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You can't really have a Street Fighter game without Ryu, and he's certainly not bad in his latest incarnation. He's here, in familiar form, in Street Fighter 6, and he's an easy to understand option. The problem is, for our money, Ken is the better of the two iconic characters.

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C Rank Characters


Despite his size, Blanka does have pretty great mobility, but he relies on his Blanka-chan gimmick to serve meaningful damage, and so you'll need to have luck on your side if you intend to dominate as the flame-haired Brazilian.

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Dee Jay

Cool as a cucumber but a bit of a perennial loser, Dee Jay is far too one-dimensional to overcome a more skilled and mobile opponent. While he does have a couple of powerful tools in his arsenal, he fails to measure up to some of his admittedly less-cool adversaries.

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Arguably the easiest character to pick up in Street Fighter 6, tribe member Lily sadly doesn't have the same combo potential upside as her newly introduced peers.

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