E. Honda Guide & Overview

Sumo wrestler Edmond Honda is a human headbutt machine in Street Fighter 6, and despite his size, he's a surprisingly mobile combatant capable of getting around the screen quickly.


  • Safe Specials: Sumo Headbutt and LP/OD Hundred Hand Slap are specials that leave Honda at minimal disadvantage, and Sumo Smash is plus on block for all versions. This lets Honda chip away at the opponent's drive gauge without fear of guaranteed punishment.
  • Efficient Conversions: With the Sumo Spirit buff, Honda can produce impressive damage numbers even from the lightest of starters. Ending a combo with Headbutt midscreen allows him to re-gain the buff safely.
  • Dangerously Cheesy: Many of Honda's core tools (Headbutt, Sumo Smash) require counterplay that involves careful timing or matchup knowledge. Because of this, at lower levels of play Honda can be an absolute menace who's hard to turn the tables against.


  • No Corner Throw Loop: Honda cannot immediately threaten another meaty throw after forward throwing the opponent into the corner, even with drive rush. He must condition their behavior and threaten corner pressure in other ways.

E. Honda Moveset

E. Honda Super Arts

Icons Legend Super Gauge bar
Quarter circle frontQuarter circle frontP

qcf qcf p

Hold BackForwardbackForwardK

b (hold) f b f k

Quarter circle backQuarter circle backP

qcb qcb k

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