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Arguably the easiest character to pick up in Street Fighter 6, tribe member Lily sadly doesn't have the same combo potential upside as her newly introduced peers.


  • Great Pokes: Lily's war clubs act as fantastic poking tools, giving her a wide variety of ways to check and punish opponents' movements.
  • Wind Power: Windclad greatly powers up Lily's special moves. Most notably, Condor Spire becomes much faster and is always plus on block, which is extremely important for her pressure. This also urges opponents to approach Lily first before she can get a Wind stock, which is something other grapplers can struggle to accomplish.
  • Scary Vortex: Once Lily gets in, the combination of her pokes, anti-airs, Drive Rush and her devastating, long-range command grab forces opponents to take big gambles or risk being put in endless disadvantage. It isn't particularly bad that Lily is put full screen after her command grab, as it lets her easily charge a Windclad stock and start her offense once again.
  • Aerial Dominance: Lily has several air tools, including an air target combo, a DP followup and an aerial Level 2 Super, all of which are uniquely devastating against those who try to escape her pressure by jumping.


  • Poor Reversals: With Tomahawk Buster lacking full invincibility and Breezing Hawk being quite slow for a reversal Super, Lily’s reversal options are expensive, unreliable, or both.
  • Slow: Despite her small size, Lily's walk and dash speeds are below average, impeding her ability to play footsies and force opponents to whiff.
  • Weak to Drive Mechanics: If Lily wants to get a Windclad stock in a blockstring, she must explicitly call out Drive Impact with 214LP or she will get Punish Countered. Windclad Condor Spire, while plus on block, is easily Drive Reversalable on reaction, getting the opponent out of her pressure and making her lose the Windclad stock to boot.

Lily Moveset

Lily Super Arts

Icons Legend Super Gauge bar
Quarter circle frontQuarter circle frontP

qcf qcf p

Quarter circle frontQuarter circle frontK

qcf qcf k

AIRQuarter circle frontQuarter circle frontK

AIR qcf qcf k

Quarter circle backQuarter circle backP

qcb qcb p

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