Chun-li Guide & Overview

A Street Fighter stalwart, the only real thing that lets Chun-Li down is her high learning curve. With a powerful spectrum of moves, and an impressive amount of range, Chun-Li can be deadly — but only in the right hands.


  • Incredible Grounded Neutral: Chun Li is equipped with an excellent spread of long-reaching normals; with the standouts being 4/6MP, 2MK, and 5HP. She gets a ton of milage out of these pokes on Punish Counter, making playing pre-emptive against her very scary. She also has Kikoken, a solid projectile that she can use as an extended poke or walk behind to establish offense.
  • Ground Mobility: Chun's backward walk speed is the highest in the game, with her forward walk also being among the highest. This compliments her strong ground normals and gives her a very strong footsies game.
  • Rewarding Punishes: Thanks to her new Serenity Stream stance and Punish Counters, Chun gets fantastic damage off of all kinds of whiff punishes, with or without resources.


  • No Throw Loop: Chun Li is one of the only characters with a throw that leaves her too far to properly perform okizeme or throw loop, even in the corner.
  • Restrictive Knockdowns: getting a knockdown with Chun Li requires resources or a high amount of situational awareness. She needs down charge for her most reliable combo ender (Spinning Bird Kick), and without it she needs to be close enough for 22K to connect or to spend resources on 236KK or a super.
  • Floaty Jump: Chun's jump is slower to land than others, which impedes her ability to safely jump over fireballs in neutral. It can also cause her air-to-airs to leave her minus, and at worst give the opponent a free punish.

Chun-li Moveset

Chun-li Super Arts

Icons Legend Super Gauge bar
Quarter circle frontQuarter circle frontP

qcf qcf p

JUMPQuarter circle frontQuarter circle frontP

JUMP qcf qcf p

Quarter circle frontQuarter circle frontK

qcf qcf k

Quarter circle backQuarter circle backK

qcb qcb k

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