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Luke's not massively dissimilar to Ken and Ryu in terms of playstyle, but his long-distant punches give him a bit more personality and power than the two series icons. He's able to successfully pin opponents and is a good option for beginners, but we're not convinced he's cut out to be the cover star.


  • Well-Rounded: Luke has a good fireball, a solid uppercut, great normals, and solid mixup tools. He spends Drive very well regardless of what he chooses to bank it on, and his supers are easy to combo into and deal excellent damage. Simply put, Luke has access to a lot of strong tools and makes great use of universal mechanics. His flexibility makes him a great pick to learn the game with.
  • Spooky Pressure: Luke has a great corner game with his throw loops, solid pressure normals, and ability to mix you up with Rawhide. Brutal Spike is a plus on block command normal for setting up whatever you want, while Suppressor acts as an automatic throw bait command normal that can be special cancelled into huge damage.
  • Whiff Punishment: A great number of Luke's standing punches move him forward for easier whiff punishing. As well, he has many target combos from these whiff punishers that lead into great oki, making his midrange game exceptionally threatening. In particular, his Triple Impact is a target combo off of a light that ends in a special cancel, allowing Luke a consistent way to score rewarding hits off of light jabs.
  • High Damage: Luke's BnBs deal excellent damage and scale well regardless of the starter. His optimal BnBs with Perfect Flash Knuckle deal incredible damage off of a good starter, and even his lights can provide him with above-average damage. Almost all of his normal combo enders also leave him in good okizeme positions.
  • Kill Confirm: With his OD's, Luke has a number of ways to push for an easy kill off of small openings. EX Flash Knuckle has a follow-up hitgrab that deals great damage for the cost, while EX Sand Blaster can be cancelled into his level 1 super for big damage off of a fireball.


  • Fullscreen: Luke's fireball is notable in that it cannot travel fullscreen without spending Drive. This forces him to actively close the distance against the true zoners in the cast, many of which can duke it out just as well as him in the midrange.

Luke Moveset

Luke Super Arts

Icons Legend Super Gauge bar
Quarter circle frontQuarter circle frontP

qcf qcf p

Quarter circle backQuarter circle backP

qcb qcb p

Quarter circle frontQuarter circle frontK

qcf qcf k

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