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Cool as a cucumber but a bit of a perennial loser, Dee Jay is far too one-dimensional to overcome a more skilled and mobile opponent. While he does have a couple of powerful tools in his arsenal, he fails to measure up to some of his admittedly less-cool adversaries.


  • Cool Movement: A fast forward dash, an extremely fast Drive Rush, and his Jus Cool sway series give Dee Jay unconventional but powerful movement and mix-ups.
  • Anti-Fireball Fireballs: Dee Jay can use the two hits of heavy Air Slasher to beat out most non-OD fireballs, giving him an edge against other fireball characters. His OD Heavy Slasher also has an initial hit that can break other OD fireballs before creating its own.
  • High Damage: Dee Jay's damage potential in combos is well above average. Machine Gun Uppercut gives him very damaging combos if he is able to confirm into it. He converts his Drive gauge into damage very well in general, with the rest of his Overdrive moves being useful for extending combos in a variety of damaging ways.


  • Weird Buttons: Dee Jay's normals have a steep learning curve. Many of them lack the conventions and conveniences that other characters have—his cr.MK in particular acts more like a sweep than a regular crouching medium poke. His pokes also tend to lack any sort of cancelability, greatly limiting his ability to confirm off them without Punish Counter.
  • No Level 1 Reversal: Without a Level 1 Super reversal, Dee Jay can be put in very disadvantageous situations, especially during Burnout.
  • Drop Prone: On top of being high execution, many of Dee Jay's confirms are deceptively range dependent. Extremely meticulous awareness of his ranges is required to not sacrifice damage for consistency in his combos.

Dee Jay Moveset

Dee Jay Super Arts

Icons Legend Super Gauge bar
Quarter circle frontQuarter circle frontK

qcf qcf k

Quarter circle frontQuarter circle frontLPFollowingLPFollowingMPFollowingHPFollowingLKFollowingMKFollowingHK

qcf qcf lp -> lp -> mp -> hp -> lk -> mk -> hk

Quarter circle frontQuarter circle frontMPFollowingLPFollowingMPFollowingHPFollowingLKFollowingMKFollowingHK
After HK OR HP

qcf qcf mp -> lp -> mp -> hp -> lk -> mk -> hk
After hk OR hp

Quarter circle frontQuarter circle frontHPFollowingLPFollowingMPFollowingHPFollowingLKFollowingMKFollowingHK
After HK OR HP

qcf qcf hp -> lp -> mp -> hp -> lk -> mk -> hk
After hk OR hp

Quarter circle backQuarter circle backP

qcf qcf p

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