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A long-time Street Fighter favourite, Guile is a tough-cookie to master, but his Super Arts are utterly deadly and difficult to predict, and he has the capability to successfully pin his opponents in the corner, making him a headache to overcome.


  • Projectile Zoning: Sonic Boom recovers lighting fast. If he has time to set up Sonic Blade or Lv.2 Super, he becomes almost unbeatable in fireball wars. Many characters' anti-projectile options are simply not practical against Guile.
  • Anti-Airs: Somersault Kick has a great hitbox with anti-air invincibility, easily punishing anyone trying to get around his zoning. 2HP is also a consistent option when he lacks charge.
  • Drive Gauge Pressure: Guile has many mid-range pokes with great hitboxes for harassing the opponent on block. The pushback makes them difficult to contest even if they have frame disadvantage. Combined with constant Sonic Boom pressure, the opponent can easily be put into Burnout. This will force opponents to hoard their Drive meter, or take more risks to prevent you from whittling down their resources.
  • Straightforward: Guile's zoning hasn't fundamentally changed since 1991. Baiting impatient players into your anti-airs is a simple, but effective gameplan. If that doesn't work, Guile can tap into system mechanics like Drive Rush just as well as anyone else.


  • Slow: His walk and dash speeds are below average, restricting his gameplan a little.
  • Charge Reliant: Guile relies on his charge inputs more than any other character in the game. Without them, he is relatively nonthreatening. It can be difficult to make your movement and ranges unpredictable when your charge constantly needs to be maintained.
  • Predictable: Because Guile's overall strategy remains unchanged from previous SF games, opponents will be expecting you to try outzoning them and will plan accordingly. Be extremely careful and conservative with using Somersault Kick, as opponents will try their best to bait it out to get a huge Punish Counter. Opponents will often try to test your patience just as much as you will be trying to test theirs.

Guile Moveset

Guile Super Arts

Icons Legend Super Gauge bar
Hold BackForwardbackForwardP

b (hold) f b f p

Quarter circle backQuarter circle backP

qcb qcb p

Hold BackForwardbackForwardK

b (hold) f b f k

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