Control Type & Battle HUD

Classic control

Classic & Modern Control

Regardless of control type:
Move in 8 directions (cardinals & diagonals) using the D-pad or joystick.
Hold back to block Overhead and Mid attacks or down and back to block Mid and Low attacks.
Punches: Light Punch (LP), Medium Punch (MP), Heavy Punch (HP).
Kicks: Light Kick (LK), Medium Kick (MK), Heavy Kick (HK).
LP+LK: Throw, hold back to throw your opponent backward on connect.
MP+MK: Drive Parry. Can be held.
HP+HK: Drive Impact.
LP+MP+HK+LK+MK+HK: Taunt. Holding a direction can change the taunt action.

Due to the limited control offered by the modern system, some combos are not possible. In order to not restrict the game's possibilities and allow every player to share a wide range of combos for all characters, it is only possible to input combos in the classic control system.

Modern control

Classic & Modern Control

Attack Strengths: Light, Medium, and Heavy attacks. Punches and Kicks are not distinguished in Modern.
A dedicated Special Move button is used with Neutral, Forward, Down or Back and the Special button to perform various moves.
With an added Heavy attack input, Super Arts are performed. I.e. Forward + Special + Heavy.
Drive Parry, Drive Impact and Throw have dedicated buttons.
An Assist button can be held while tapping Light, Medium or Heavy attack to perform predetermined combos easily.

In Game Battle HUD

Battle HUD

  • 1. Vitality Gauge: Indicates the health remaining for each character.
  • 2. Drive Gauge: Drive gives you the ability to perform various actions in SF6. When this gauge is empty, it turns gray and begins slowly replenishing. The fighter will enter Burnout and will not be able to use Drive-related techniques until the gauge is fully replenished.
  • 3. Timer: Indicates the time remaining in the round.
  • 4. Round Count: Indicates the current round count. The type of icon indicates how the round was won.
  • 5. Attribute Icon: Some characters have unique icons that indicate some property. Examples include Kimberly's Spray Can stock, Ryu's Denjin charge, and Juri's Fuha stock.
  • 6. Character Icon: Indicates the character and control type (Classic/Modern/Dynamic) being used.
  • 7. Super Art Gauge: Spend this gauge to perform a devastating Super Art. Every attack that lands will fill up the Super Art gauge, and you can fill it up to 3 stocks. Super Art gauge also carries over between rounds.

HUD icon overlay

Combo Counter SF6 icon combocount.png The number indicates the number of hits in the current combo. Useful for determining whether or not a sequence of attacks is a true combo.
Counterhit SF6 icon counterhit.png Appears when interrupting the startup or active frames of an opponent's attack. If two attacks trade with each other, both players get a Counterhit.
Punish Counter SF6 icon punishcounter.png Appears when punishing the recovery frame's of an opponent's attack.
Crossup SF6 icon crossup.png Appears when an attack crosses over the opponent, forcing them to block in the opposite direction that they were facing.
Hard Knockdown SF6 icon hkd.png Appears after a knockdown, such as a 2HK or Punish Counter Throw, that prevents the opponent from Back Rising.
Reversal SF6 icon reversal.png Appears when a Special or Super move is input at the earliest possible timing after hitstun, blockstun, or a knockdown.
Throw Escape SF6 icon throwescape.png Appears when successfully defending against a Throw.
Stun/Dizzy SF6 icon stun.png Appears when Drive Impact connects on a cornered opponent during Burnout state, allowing for a free combo followup.
Armor Break SF6 icon armorbreak.png Appears after breaking the opponent's armor, such as connecting Drive Reversal or 3 chained light normals vs. Drive Impact.
Crush SF6 icon crush.png Appears when Drive Impact is blocked near the corner for a Wall Splat.
Lock SF6 icon lock.png Appears when Drive Impact connects against the opponent in a true blockstring. Cornered opponents will bounce off as though blocking a midscreen Drive Impact (no Wall Splat).