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Newcomer JP looks like he should be giving skin fades to footballers in a high-end barber shop, but he's actually a very capable combatant, able to deal with opponents both at distance and in close-range.


  • Elegant Zoning: JP is the master of controlling the screen. His long-range projectiles are massive and can be fired along different angles, and any opening given to him allows him to set up Departure to keep you sitting still. Triglav is a downright huge grounded spike and can make you think twice about moving forwards against him. If you somehow approach him, JP can bat you backwards with his long-reaching normals and rewarding anti-airs.
  • Strong Mixups: JP's kit is full of high-reward mixup tools. He has a good overhead, a target combo that can high/low, a fast advancing sweep in Malice, and his level 2 and 3 supers are great for surprise mixups.
  • Zoning Mixups: JP is notable in that his fireball game contains multiple mixup tools. Torbalan and Embrace have very similar startup animations and effect colourations, but the former is a projectile and the latter is a command grab that deals great damage. Throwing out an Embrace when the opponent is conditioned to sit still can greatly wear on their mental stack. Torbalan also has multiple variants and has a natural high/low mixup.
  • Neutral Control: Alongside his zoning, JP has many tools to keep you away from him. His lengthy normals control large parts of the screen, and his Zilant series of target combos give him fantastic poking reward. If you choose to jump, his trio of 2HP, Triglav, and j.HK will smack you backwards.
  • Departure: An absurdly strong zoning/mixup/pressure tool with high reward. Departure is very valuable and can be used to accent every part of JP's kit. His zoning can be made more threatening by forcing the opponent to act, hit can be used as a mobility tool or mixup starter with the teleport option, and the EX version has very fast startup and spawns two portals for the price of one.


  • NEEDS Setup: JP requires setup time to really get rolling, as his zoning is considerably slower than the other zoning specialists. While it can be very rewarding to drown your opponent in thorns, you can lose a ton of momentum off of a bad read.
  • Deadzone: For all his midrange and long-range prowess, JP really struggles once his opponent has made their way past his effective range. His faster buttons are very stubby, while his longer ones have lengthy recovery. Choosing the proper option on defense can be tricky for him.

JP Moveset

JP Super Arts

Icons Legend Super Gauge bar
Quarter circle frontQuarter circle frontP

qcf qcf p

Quarter circle backQuarter circle backP

qcb qcb p

Quarter circle frontQuarter circle frontK

qcf qcf k

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