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A newcomer and one of our favourites purely from a design perspective, Kimberly is a great option for newcomers because she's relatively easy to understand and an absolute beast in battle. Her easy to execute moves and rapid mobility make her a lot of fun to use, and difficult for opponents to deal with.


  • High Mobility: Kimberly has many unique movement options. She has great forward walk speed, along with multiple ways to close the gap on her opponent such as her Sprint and Hidden Variable special moves. She can change her jump arc, and has multiple ways to get past fireballs. Her Level 3 Super installs her with a permanent speed/damage buff, which puts her walkspeed in a league of its own.
  • Unrivaled Setplay: Kimberly gets okizeme off of almost any hit, and her huge variety of frame kills to set up meaty attacks and high/low mixups make most of her knockdowns very threatening from any screen position. In the corner, setting up her spray can after the right knockdown allows her to combo from her throw or perform multiple mixups in a row on a blocking opponent, all of which can lead back into more okizeme on a successful hit.
  • Tricky Neutral: Kim's fast basic movement, variety of mobility tools, advantageous pokes, and options to punish a careless opponent give her lots of chances to get in and start her offense by baiting a reaction from the opponent or capitalizing on their hesitation.
  • Corner Offense: Many of Kimberly's combo routes have very high corner carry without sacrificing much damage. She can also side switch easily with a Target Combo when her back is to the wall. Once the opponent is cornered, her damage and mixup potential are significantly improved.
  • Gimmicky: Kimberly's abundant movement options make it hard for opponents to consistently react to her offense. She is a character with many knowledge checks that can confuse and overwhelm an unprepared opponent, while a prepared opponent still has to stay wary of her mix.


  • Lackluster Defense: Kimberly has no true OD reversal, forcing her to rely on her Lvl 1 and 3 Super or system mechanics to get out of pressure.
  • Low Midscreen Damage: Before her Level 3 Super buff, Kimberly's damage is notably lower than most other characters, especially midscreen. The 11% damage boost from her Install brings her up to the level of the rest of the cast. Combos beginning with lights or her 4HK overhead tend to have low damage and poor midscreen oki.
  • Stubby Heavies: While Kimberly has a couple good pokes in 5LK, 5MK and 2MK, her more rewarding heavy buttons are notably lacking in range. She may have to rely on whiff punishes when playing at farther ranges, and characters with similarly fast walkspeed and good footsies may force her to rely on gimmicks to get her pressure started.

Kimberly Moveset

Kimberly Super Arts

Icons Legend Super Gauge bar
Quarter circle frontQuarter circle frontK

qcf qcf k

Quarter circle frontQuarter circle frontK
(With at least 1 Shuriken Bomb stock)

qcf qcf k
(With at least 1 Shuriken Bomb stock)

Quarter circle backQuarter circle backP

qcb qcb p

JUMP FORWARDQuarter circle backQuarter circle backP

JUMP FORWARD qcb qcb p

Quarter circle frontQuarter circle frontP

qcf qcf p

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