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Marisa is another relatively easy to master newcomer who hits hard and has pretty unprecedented range. Her hard-hitting charge punches and wide-reaching kicks make her a real handful to deal with, and if you can catch an unsuspecting opponent off-guard, she has the power to utterly obliterate her rivals in a flash.


  • Huge Damage: Marisa has extremely high damage across the board, easily able to end rounds in only a few interactions. Without any resources, her Punish Counters are still absolutely devastating; with resources, her Level 3 Super is incredibly damaging in combos with how her damage scaling works and also instantly puts the opponent in corner.
  • Big Buttons: Marisa has several normal moves and specials that, although slow, give her long reach and approach in neutral. Opponents have to play around moves such as Gladius, Phalanx, 5MK, and 5HP at ranges they may normally feel safe at.
  • Armor Queen: Marisa has several moves with armor that absorb mid or high-hitting attacks, as well as several ways to break through an opponent's armor. Although vulnerable to low-hitting attacks, these armor moves allow Marisa to power through fireballs, mid pokes, and Drive Impact with huge potential for damage reward. Many of her OD moves inherently have Armor Break properties, and her Charged Gladius lets her break armor without the use of any Drive. This also lets Marisa uniquely deal with Drive Impact even in Burnout, whether she uses her own armor or breaks theirs to do it.
  • Meterless Plus Frames: Phalanx and other charged special moves are plus on block and can be used without meter. Opponents who are scared to do anything will find themselves stuck in perpetual disadvantage until they inevitably run out of Drive and lose their chances to escape.


  • Slow Midrange: While Marisa's buttons aren't lacking in range, they certainly can be beaten out in terms of speed by most of the cast. As rewarding as her hits may be, they may have to come from patient play or strong callouts that impede her from playing proactively.
  • Poor Light Conversions: Marisa cannot chain her lights into a Drive Rush confirm on normal hit, having to rely only on LP Dimachaerus and Supers to confirm off of them. This can limit her strike/throw reward and force her to rely on weaker oki options.
  • Weak to Throws: Marisa has no reversal that beats throws besides Level 2 and 3 Super. Throws will also give a free Punish Counter on her main reversal, OD Scutum, making her lose a ton of Drive if she guesses wrong. This alone is a very big downside to Marisa's defense, especially because the majority of the cast can loop their throw on Punish Counter or in corner and force her to guess again.

Marisa Moveset

Marisa Super Arts

Icons Legend Super Gauge bar
Quarter circle frontQuarter circle frontP

qcf qcf p

Quarter circle backQuarter circle backP

qcb qcb p

Quarter circle frontQuarter circle frontK

qcf qcf k

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