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Despite his size, Blanka does have pretty great mobility, but he relies on his Blanka-chan gimmick to serve meaningful damage, and so you'll need to have luck on your side if you intend to dominate as the flame-haired Brazilian.


  • Great Mobility: Blanka's forward dash is among the best in the game, both in distance and speed. The majority of his special moves also offer aggressive, albeit risky movement options, namely his Horizontal Rolling Attack (nicknamed Blanka Ball), Aerial Rolling Attack, and Backstep Rolling Attack. He also has unique command dashes in Surprise Hop (4 or 6 and all kicks) that have amazing reach and can even cross the opponent up close.
  • Powerful Install: Blanka's Level 2 Super, Lightning Beast, has a host of powerful applications. It leads to damaging combos, and can easily make Rolling Attack end in plus frames, enabling absurdly oppressive pressure.
  • Setplay: In the corner, Blanka has access to practical setups using his Blanka-Chan Bomb (22P), allowing him to threaten with a high/low/throw mixup that easily leads to great damage and keeps him safe against defensive options.
  • Gimmicks: Blanka has a large variety of unique and untraditional moves in his toolkit, which often force the opponent to consider specific counterplay in the matchup and may attention to unusual things. Aside from making Blanka obnoxious against opponents unfamiliar with the matchup, it is practical for him to overwhelm the opponent by overloading their mental stack as they try to keep in mind all of his weird options - Backstep Blanka Ball, Wild Hunt command grabs, Coward Crouch movement options, and more.


  • Weak and inconsistent conversions: Blanka's easiest-to-use main combo ender, Electric Thunder, is prone to whiffing at further ranges. This means that Blanka is very reliant on having a charge to get a reward for his pokes. Blanka's common BnB combos also lack substantial damage without Install or overdrive to spare.
  • Limited Setplay: Blanka-Chan Bomb is an invaluable tool enabling his aforementioned Setplay specialty. However, Blanka only has 3 of them available every round. If a Blanka player uses the move recklessly or predictably, opportunities to secure the round may be lost.
  • High-Risk Gameplan: By the nature of his toolkit, Blanka takes a constant, high risk when using his variety of tools - many of his specials have a very long startup and are easily punished unless used carefully. His infamous Blanka balls, while tricky, are all very unsafe on the block (and potentially even punishable). Many of his normals tend to be slower on average to startup and recover, and many of his important tools against fireballs (3HP, coward crouch, 6HP), are highly unsafe.
  • Inconsistent anti-air DPs: While his anti-air normals are good, his dedicated anti-air specials, Vertical Rolling Attack (or Vertical Blanka Ball) have an issue of simply missing the opponent if executed too close/far. While this can be mitigated by using the right versions at the right distances, it still leaves a significant chance for error, especially in distances where it is unclear which version will hit the opponent.

Blanka Moveset

Blanka Super Arts

Icons Legend Super Gauge bar
Quarter circle frontQuarter circle frontP

qcf qcf p

Quarter circle backQuarter circle backP

qcb qcb p

Quarter circle frontQuarter circle frontK

qcf qcf k

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