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Zangief is a monster in Street Fighter 6, owing to his enormous amount of health and utterly devastating selection of grapple moves. While he does rely on close-quarters combat, he can be ridiculously difficult to deal with unless you're up against well-trained opponent. This does, however, mean that he's difficult to learn.


  • Incredible Burst Damage: Zangief is infamous for his ability to steal rounds off of a single, well-placed special move. His Screw Piledriver is the best command grab in the game with outstanding damage, and the OD version deals more damage than some supers. Opponents must be wary if they are close to Zangief.
  • Punishing Mixups: True to his earlier appearances, Zangief inherits a timeless, devastating strike/throw game. Once he's in, Zangief's opponents gamble with their lives.
  • Strong Abare: Zangief's long-ranged light normals and incredible LP SPD range make it difficult and risky for opponents to shimmy him. Moreover, his 5LP and 2LP are uniquely plus on block, allowing him to immediately set up a tick throw after a successful mash.
  • 720 Threat: With a full super meter, Zangief becomes an absolute nightmare on defense. Unlike every other reversal in the game, Bolshoi Storm Buster can neither be blocked nor avoided on reaction, forcing opponents to preemptively jump or backdash during their own offense to avoid getting scooped.


  • Stiff Neutral: In exchange for his high health, Zangief is slowest character in the game and relies on hard reads to secure knockdowns. He also lacks options to outright punish things like fireballs, instead being forced to weather the storm with Drive Parry or use riskier options like jumping or Level 2.
  • Slow Anti-Airs: Zangief suffers from a lack of quick anti-air and anti-crossup options. While his 2HP and Lariat deal solid damage on hit, they have poor startup and whiff recovery while providing underwhelming okizeme. Both also struggle against crossups.
  • Limited Okizeme: Although Zangief's mixups are very rewarding in terms of damage, they also create a lot of distance between him and his opponent. This makes him struggle to maintain advantage and forces him to spend meter on Drive Rush and/or OD Lariat to continue his turn when possible.
  • Expensive Reversals: Zangief's Level 1 can't be used as a reversal as it only hits airborne opponents. Level 2 works, but is too slow to punish most light normals. Zangief only gets a good reversal when he has full super meter.
  • Poor Conversion Ability: Zangief can struggle to convert strikes into meaningful advantage outside of punishment scenarios due to his increased pushback on lights, poor linking ability, few strike special moves, and awkward supers.

Zangief Moveset

Zangief Super Arts

Icons Legend Super Gauge bar
Quarter circle frontQuarter circle frontK

qcf qcf k

Quarter circle frontQuarter circle frontP

qcf qcf p

Full circle frontFull circle frontP

fcf fcf p

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